Hello everybody,

Maybe you are like me… always wondering when it National Holiday or Bank Holidays in Korea so you can plan visit of your friends, parents, take a plain to Jeju or outside of Korea. Anything!!

So here I wrote down a list of NATIONAL HOLIDAY for 2018.

  • January 1 – Monday: New Year’s Day
  • February 15-16-17 Thursday, Friday and Saturday: Seollal Holiday
  • May 1 – Tuesday: Labor Day ( Bank Holiday)
  • May 5 -Saturday: Children’s day 
  • May 22 – Tuesday: Buddha’s Birthday
  • June 6 – Wednesday : Memorial Day
  • June 13 – Wednesday: National Assembly Election Day
  • August 15 – Wednesday: Liberation Day
  • September 23-24-25-26: Chuseok Holiday
  • October 3 – Wednesday: National Foundation Day
  • October 9 – Tuesday: Hangeul Proclamation Day
  • December 24 – Monday: Christmas Eve
  • December 25 – Tuesday: Christmas Day
  • December 31 – Monday: New Year’s Eve

If you have any question, about some day that you wonder if it is holidays or not, write a comment.

Have a good day ^^



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