Do you know how to use Business Cards in South Korea?

Business cards play a very important role, not only in the greeting and meeting but also to a personal level to some extent.
This post is from my other blog, so I hope sharing in here will reach and help more people that it is interested in this matters.
Let’s review what is important in business cards exchange in Korea:
  1. Business cards are for definition the way to claim your status within the company. From there, Korean will look at you carefully and determine what degree of respect he has to treat you. They will always respect you, but in Korea, there are degrees of respect which are measured by the bow’s degree.
  2. Standing up is better while exchanging business cards
  3. A bow might proceed before or after the initial handshake.
  4. When the exchanged of cards is finished, place the business in cards face up on the table in the same way as Koreans are sitting in front of you so you can refer to it anytime you need.
  5. Look at the card carefully (name and title) and stare at it with acknowledgment in regard if his/her name and position within the company.
  6. Korean business card has one side in Korean and the other side in English. The Korean side will have their name in Korean which is the surname and first name (latest split in two syllables), and in the English side either 1) name translated into English (first name two syllables + surname) –>opposite written as in Korean way; or they might have English name (English name + surname).
  7. Do not write in their business cards (at least in front of them) or use red color to write any name or clarification.
 Business cards in Korea are like the extension of oneself, very important. The way you treat and handle a business card reflects the way you would treat an individual. Therefore, do it with respect and following the protocol in order not to offend anyone.
Consideration and appreciation for social values and customs is a good way to create connection and build lasting business relationships with Koreans.
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