Arirang TV Show B-Cruze, Interview Ep.7. Laura Valls from MLK Partners Korea Consulting Firm. Very exciting!


I hope you all are waiting for the weekend, just like I do!

However, episode 7 of B-Cruze from Arirang Chanel with my interview just came out and I wanted to share with you all.

It was so natural and exciting that I want to do it again. I wish I had more time to share more tips about business, leave words of encouragement and show more support. Everyday in Facebook there are so many questions about how to do business in Korea,  how to get Visa, apartment, which school is better, where to find importers, etc… There are so many things to do and little short time to do it….

Anyways! I had so much fun and I encourage you to watch and have just 30 minutes of peace while watching my so spontaneous interview.

Todd, PapMokja and Haeppy are so nice people and all 3 together made a very special day. Being the first business female in show is not easy task!


Laura Valls has been working in the Korean scene for over 10 years in international trade and business development. She is capable of speaking Spanish, Catalan, Italian, English, Korean and Mandarin! Her colorful cultural background allows her to make great business deals and create marketing strategies for emerging markets. Also, with her entrepreneurial mindset and quick problem-solving skills, she helps those who wish to start their own businesses by providing consulting and sales strategies to her clients.
<B CRUZE> will take a close look into the secret to her successful career!



I just could not explain better~.

Thank you!! and Enjoy…

Love you Ayden!

Laura Valls



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