Korean slow Food: Sundae Gukbap


We all know that Korean Food is VERY VERY healthy (in capital letters), but most of the times:

  1. We don’t know how to look at it, as Korean food is very different to our food back to our home country
  2. We don’t know what is the best place to eat it, so we want to go somewhere where we can get the best experience out of it

So today I would like to introduce my favorite Korean traditional dish: Sundae Gukbap /순대국밥.

Sundae Gukbap
Sundae Gukbap

Taking into account that this dish is cooked differently in each province of Korea, we need to get two facts straight here:

  1. Sundae is a Korean blood steamed sausage, serve not only in Sundae Gukbap, but also as a street food or served alone or even as a sundae bokkeum. The Korea blog explain very well with pictures, so if you have any doubt, you can always click and visit their website.
  2. The slow food that I introduce today is cooked with Chap-sal Sundae (찹쌀 순대), but there are so many kinds! Here, Wikipedia explains very well how many types of Sundae exist. Chap-sal Sundae can be blooded (or non blooded called baek sundae) filled with vegetables, rice or transparent noodle covered with original pork casing. Basically what it means is that this sundae is handmade, in contrast with the one that you can find on the street which is made from factory. Chap-sal Sundae, without any doubt, is more delicious!

Until now we talk about Sundae, but what does it mean Sundae Gukbap?

Gug means soup and bap is rice. So when you see the work gukbap, you have to assume that you will find in front of you a soup and a bowl of rice. You will have to put all the rice (or as much rice as you want) inside the soup and stir it. In this way the soup is more delicious, but also it is a way to make the soups less spicy.

As every single Korean food, the food is served with a variety of banchan. In this case, you will find small tinny shrimp (used like salt), some other sauces to dip the sundae, kimchi and even green pepper with garlic. Just “full equip” so you don’t end up never ever hungry!!

Sundae Gukbap generally is not spicy, but in case of SPICY LOVERS, there is a solution! By adding dadaegi (다대기) you can make sundae gukbap spicy. It will be not in the table, so you need to ask for it. Dadaegi is a red sauce that will come in a very small dish. With a little bit that you put in the soup and stir, you can see that the color of the soup change to a bit more red than the one in the picture. The more red, the more spicy!!

So, where to get the delicious dish of the picture above??? in 수육국밥 식당 in Seoul National University Station.

Even though in their website 수육국밥 식당 you can find all the restaurants they have through the nation. As this si a chain, all the restaurants look the same either inside and outside, so you can’t miss it ^^)

When I went to the restaurant that they used to have in Seouldaeibgu, we ate several dishes, my favourite Sundae gukbap or sundae bokkeum among others.

sundae bokkeum
sundae bokkeum
sundae gukbap with samgyopsal cholpan
sundae gukbap with samgyopsal cholpan
Menu pan
Menu pan
bibim nengmyion with meat
bibim nengmyion with meat

Last but not least, the prices! It is slow and healthy food with affordable prices.

Now that cold is coming, don’t miss it out and give a try!!

Thank you,

XOXO Laura

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