LESSON 2: KOREAN GRAMMA: Sounds like… 들어 보니~인 것 같네

How to say in Korean SOUNDS LIKE or SEEMS LIKE!

This ending, including the -네, is to express your emotion as you supposed to be some sort of surprised.

For example if you want to say:

  1. Sounds like fun –>  들어 보니 재미 있을 것 같네.
  2. Sounds like a date –> 들어 보니 , 데이트하는 것 같다 / 듣자 하니, 데이트하는 것 같다.
  3. Seems like we are going to be late –> 들어 보니 우리 늦을 것 같다/ 보아하니 우리 늦을 것 같다.
  4. Seems like he is not coming to the meeting –> 들어 보니 그는 미팅에 오지 않을 것 같다/ 보아하니 그는 미팅에 오지 않을 것 같다.
  5. Sounds like a kidding to me –> 들어 보니 나를 놀리는 것 같다/ 듣자 하니, 나를 놀리는 것 같다

들어 보니~ It is used more when after a short period of conversation and background you want to express: after hearing that…. sounds like(…).

However, 듣자 하니, 보아하니, 들어 보니  means the same.

And a difficult one!

Seems like you know everything. –> 들어 보니 넌 모르는게 없는 것 같네.

Above and as usual, Koreans use two negatives to form the positive.

Hope you enjoyed!

XOXO Laura

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