LESSON 4: KOREAN GRAMMA: I don’t want to…/ I don’t wanna… ~하고 싶지 않아

How would you say in  Korean:  I DON'T WANNA or I DON'T WANT TO... This grammatical expression is used when you want to express that you don't want to do something, you don't like something or you hate to do something. Also used to express when you hate things. It is very simple gramma ending structure, so... Continue Reading →

Korean slow Food: Sundae Gukbap

안녕하세요! We all know that Korean Food is VERY VERY healthy (in capital letters), but most of the times: We don't know how to look at it, as Korean food is very different to our food back to our home country We don't know what is the best place to eat it, so we want to go somewhere where we can get... Continue Reading →

LESSON 3: KOREAN GRAMMA: I want to… ~고 싶다

How to say in Korean:  I WANNA or I WANT TO... This grammatical expression is interchangeable with I would like to (I'd like to...) and I would love to (I'd love to...), but mostly used when you really want to do something. Look at the following examples: I wanna try something new --> 뭔가 새로운 걸... Continue Reading →

LESSON 2: KOREAN GRAMMA: Sounds like… 들어 보니~인 것 같네

How to say in Korean SOUNDS LIKE or SEEMS LIKE! This ending, including the -네, is to express your emotion as you supposed to be some sort of surprised. For example if you want to say: Sounds like fun -->  들어 보니 재미 있을 것 같네. Sounds like a date --> 들어 보니 , 데이트하는... Continue Reading →

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