Korean Ginseng: I want my strength back!

Sometimes we feel so tired, lack of power or strength, and we know that intake of vitamins or other food supplements are necessary to improve our body conditions, but in Korea everything is in Korean… and difficult to know what it is or for what is it… and the most important: is it safe? can we take it? is this brand good enough? Are we paying the right price for the right product for me?

Ginseng is the most recommended food supplement, not only because of its properties, but also because it helps your body conditions in general terms. It is not for specific illness or pain. Also, if you are taking other medicine, like for cold or headache or similar, it is recommended to interrupt the ginseng intake. It’s said that Ginseng can make your western medicine less effective… I am not sure, but just in case…

There are several kinds of ginseng: the red ginseng, white ginseng, fresh ginseng and wild ginseng.  There are several countries in the world where you can find Ginseng such as Korea, America, China and other Asian countries. Surely what you can find in Korea is the Korean ginseng. Note that the best is the one 6 or over 6 years old ginseng.

I have tried so many kinds of ginseng, in capsule, in pearls, liquid, semi-liquid, candy, etc… but I didn’t like the taste!  too much sour and I couldn’t stand it! Doesn’t matter expensive or cheap, the taste was unbearable. However, I believe that if an individual keeps taking ginseng for some time the body conditions and  working productivity levels improve. You can feel like reborn!!

So finally I found something that works for me called I-PASS. In fact, last year I didn’t catch any cold in all winter season. It was great I believe it was because of ginseng. Otherwise I would have had at least caught one cold like every single year since I am in Korea.

This product is called I-Pass. It can be also for students that are preparing exams or some activity that required lots of mental effort… Check out the video if you want.

This ginseng comes in a liquid form. Also, the ginseng is 6 years old (Great!!!) and you have to take 1 packet everyday. 1 big box like in the pictures has 3 smaller boxes. Each smaller box (1/3) has 10 packets. Therefore, you would have for about for 1 months.

It can be bought in a different way. For example some shops have offer of 3 big boxes, so you would have about 90 packets so that is for 3 months. However, I would rather start 1 month and let’s see if you like it or not.

The taste is OK!! it’s strong but enough to be edible to eat. So you don’t have to worry. The taste will go away in 30 minutes or so.

If you decide to try, the first day you try on you will find out that you have so much energy, but you won’t be able to sit down. You will clean, you will think, you will go here and there…. can’t stop!! don’t worry, it is alright. After some hours you will be ok and the following day when you take the second packet, you will feel more focused and healthy.

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You can buy in any ginseng shop in the street, at any department store in Korea or in Cheongkwanjang Shop. You can find their logo.

Korean red ginseng
Cheongkwanjang Logo

For example I bought mine in D-Cube city Department Store B1 floor  in Sindorim station, where the food court is located. There are several places where food supplements are sold.

Also I bought another one in E-Mart in Times Square.  There is a corner with 2 different shops of ginseng and food supplements, besides the bakery shop inside the Emart Supermarkets. Try there, the women in the counter is very kind and helpful.


1 big package with 3 boxes of 10 each packs each costs 160,000KWN ($160) approximately.

Please remind that the brand of this product is very well-known in Korea, so it can be trusted. 정관장.  This brand has health products with Ginseng for mature women, for men, etc. visit their website: http://www.kgcshop.co.kr or write in web search tool Cheongkwanjang. They have shops all around Korea, so it’s easy to find.

Korea Be inspired wrote and interesting article about hongsam (korean red ginseng) about their SPA launched by this brand. Have a look. Click here.

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XOXO Laura

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  1. Stumbled upon the blog on expat-blog. But this is great to know! My gf and I have been trying to eat healthier and I have been trying to ween myself off of Monsters and Energy drinks! Didn’t know how awesome Ginseng was and especially what brands to buy! Have to check that out. Hasta Luego

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