LESSON 1: KOREAN GRAMMA: I didn’t Know! (으)ㄴ/ 는 or (으)ㄹ 줄 몰랐다

(으)ㄴ/ 는 or  (으)ㄹ 줄 몰랐다

Honestly, there is some Korean “grammar endings” (as I called them) that foreigners we are able to remember and use more than others. Therefore, each of us need to find the ones which we feel more comfortable and confident to use. When you read this you must already know the basics of Korean and able to do the conjugations of the verbs and adjectives.

With this lesson 1, I would like to show you how to write one of my favourite grammar endings. Also I will suggest you when are the best times to use it.

(으)ㄴ/ 는 or  (으)ㄹ 줄 몰랐다 –>  it’s like saying ” I didn’t know”

(으)ㄴ/ 는 줄 몰랐다 used with verbs and adjectives in present form

(으)ㄹ 줄 몰랐다 used with verbs and adjectives in future form

Let’s see some dialogues as example

Example 1:

Charles: Katherine씨 남편 봤어요? 정말 멋있던데요. ( Did you see Katherine’s Husband? he is really handsome!)

Laura: Katherine씨 결혼 했어요? 저는 Katherine씨가 결혼 한 줄 몰랐어요. ( I didn’t know she got married).

As you can see in the first clause, Laura expresses an assumption and then in the second clause, where we use this gramma Laura shows that her assumption was incorrect.

Example 2:

바람이 만히 불어서 날씨가 추운 줄 알았어요. 그런데 밖에 나오니까 춥지 않아요.

Example 3:

저는 은하씨 중국사람인 줄 몰랐아요. 한국사람인 줄 알았어요, (I didn’t know 은하 was Chinese. I thought she was Korean).

As you can see in the example 3, there is this grammar ending very similar to (으)ㄴ/는 줄 몰랐어요.

(으)ㄴ/는 줄 알았어요  it means I thought / I knew ______ but with strong emphasis in the fact that you tought the opposite, so If you wanna say I thought she was Korean – 한국사람인 줄 알았어요 (you were totally convinced that she was korean), or I knew he will come to the party –  파티에 올 줄 알았어요 (definitely you knew that he will come)

Then this is the time to use this gramma and remember to use it as an end clause.  There are several other ways to apply this gramma, but for now that’s all you need.

Please note this is from my point of view. I don’t follow any book and I want to explain in a very simple way so you can start using it right away you finish reading this post.

XOXO Laura

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