Ben’s cookies review: Like Heaven

Ben’s cookies shop in Sindorim D-Cube City Department Store, Floor B1, the best!!!

This week I would like to introduce one of the most delicious cookies that I could find in Seoul. I have been eating them all Christmas and I never get tired!!

Those cookies are so called BEN’s COOKIES and this amazing recipie and brand in coming from the UK. British people sometimes they have really good stuff… 🙂

They said that they have been cookies from 1983, that would be like since I was born!!!  that’s a long time!! but I haven’t seen it in UK when I lived there… Luckily for all of us, now they are not only in UK, but in Saudi Arabia, UAE, South Korea Kuwait, and Singapore.

If you check the website linked above you will see that they have stores in 6 locations in Seoul: Sindorim, Itaewon, Myeong-dong, Apgujeong, Hong-dae, Garosu-Gil. Those are the most popular and populated areas in Seoul.

My favourite shop where I took the pictures are from my favourite Ben’s cookies in Sindorim. The workers and part-timers are so kind and I am what is called (tangol 단골), which means regular customer or frequenter. It’s true I go quite often because I love D-Cube city Department Store! and their cookies. Compared to the Ben’s cookies in Itaewon shop, The Sindorim shop they are DELICIOUS with capitals, because they are not burned, very soft inside and everytime I buy them they are warm just like the are recently made. Looks like they were waiting for me!!!

I took the white cholocate!!!

In Itaewon, the girls are cold, not really kind-first impression and the shop is too small. Their cookies are always cold and a bit burnt which at the same time make the cookie dry in the inside, and personally I don’t like that. So I prefer to bother to go to Sindorim to buy my cookies!

I have bought in Garosu-Gil as well. This shop is really big in a parallel street of the main Garosu-Gil street. Actually, quite near to the Spanish Restaurant Spain Club, that’s who I got to know about that.

If you have the change, you have to try them out!!! you will fee is worthy to gain weight, because…. they are not calorie free, you know?

endless variety of cookies
endless variety of cookies from left to right of the window display

They are not cheap but you can buy from 1 cookie (which I have never done!) to boxes. a beatiful box of 7 cookies, you pay around 19,000 won which is like USD19.

The cookies have the same weight and they sell the cookies per gram (at 370 won /10gr), and each cookies is around 4,000KWN, (USD4).

There is several presentations such as individually one by one, in a beautiful box of 7 cookies or even a metalic box of +7… choices depends for what you need it for!

They are like heaven, so if you wanna try something delicious, make you full and cost-worthy, do not forget to go to any shop in Seoul that I mentioned before and get yourself a small gift!

If you wish you can visit the korean website of Ben’s cookies: and please find below a pictures that I took of a card that I have at home with the telephone number and its adress of each shop that they have in Seoul.

Business card information
Contact information + adresses in Seoul

Hope you enjoy!!

XOXO Laura

Photo source: the last one is from and the others are mine.

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