The korean Obsession : English

How much money can I make teaching...

I was reading the news and suddenly I became so bothered again with this english obsession that Koreans have taken to the extreme in the past few years. It is like a fever!

Why Korean parents want to put their kids in english kindergartens?

Is that English Kindergarten in Korea necessary?

This is a very hotly debated topic, so I have my very strong opinion about that.  I think, and fortunately my husband thinks like me in this matter, that enrolling 3 to 5 years old kids in private english kindergarten is a waste of time, and worse, a tremendous waste of money. I mean, you don’t expect your kid to become bilingual at such an early age by only going to an expensive private english kindergarten, do you?

I strongly believe that parents who bring their kids to an english private kindergartens have some sort of frustration about their lack of language skills or lack of opportunities back to their childhood or something. In fact, I believe that English obsession will be  passed over to their children causing them anxiety, and consequently turning this experience into a non fruitful one. It terrifies me!

In general, Korean parents  can easily spend from $1400 to $3000 a month for this private english tuition. This is just abusive! Not to mention the ones who fake their kids passport/nationality so they can send their kids to international schools in Korea… I think this topic I should discuss it in another post, because it will directly me affects me and we are under some changes in Korea about this matter.

On the top of that, when I read this quote below in the Korea Herald (yesterday 2nd of January)I felt like if I live in other planet or something. Despite this high-rocketed prices, korean parents still enroll their really young kinds in these private institutions. And how they justify it, it’s beyond my understanding…

“for one thing, I don’t want my son to be frightened of learning English, I believe the younger he starts learning, the better”

This women, who doesn’t say her real name, i wanna tell her that english is just one language more, no more no less! so you don’t want your kind to be afraid of WHAT? I believe it would be better if this young kid acquire a real good command of his own language, which is korean, and who knows, if he is good then probably later on start learning, not only one but two more languages even.

Moreover, is there any proof that if you kid goes to private english kindergarten, he or she will be able to be fluent from now on, let’s say 18, 20 or 30’s, that is when he or she will probably do the proper use of it? The answer is NOT. Kids that they have been abroad and then come back to Korea, 95% of them lose their english skills. Proof of that, well just go out to the street and you will see the results.

In my case, I am bilingual,  catalan – Spanish. I speak spanish, catalan, english and Korean. I do speak korean but If I don’t use it, I lose it. If I don’t use english for a while, I lose it too. If I don’t practice catalan, even though is my native language, I forget how to write it correctly. Spanish language same! So what is the matter with korean parents that want to make their kids to become fluent in English if they don’t even practice it with relatives, the ones who suppose to teach the life values, or in their day-by-day home environment?

So what happens with the rest of the foreigners that speaker amazing and perfect english but they are from Poland, Russia, Bolivia, Venezuela, Chile, Malta,  Vietnam, Spain, Finland, Denmark, etc… aren’t they enough for Korean society?

Anyways, the real results of this fever will come in 10 years, so let’s see how it turns out…

AND this question: What are the reasons native English speakers want to teach in kindergartens? I leave it for one of my coming posts.

I just found a very interesting article about 10 reasons not to get an English teaching job in South Korea. in this nice blog from Modern Seoul.

One of the tons of agencies out there
One of the tons of agencies out there

I hope you enjoyed as I did reading it. I

XOXO Laura

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