Quitting smoking. New year’s resolution, really?

Now the end of the year is just right here, we are all busy thinking about the regrets of things that we haven’t done yet. Either because of lack of time or short interest, we all want to do something new, improve somehow our lives, tackle some problem and so on. The keyword here is CHALLENGE. We all, need that word call RESOLUTION in order to take the CHALLENGE and CHANGE for good.

we try to pick the one with higher probability of success

Why do we choose the 1st of January to start with it? I don’t really understand why is 1st of January, since it is still holidays. It wouldn’t be better 2nd of January that is when you really start to go back to school, or back to work, or back to whatever you do?

2014 resolution
Is it gonna be the lucky year?

The other day I was my friends. suddenly my friend announced a breaking new: ” From 1st of January I will quick smoking”. For a second we were quite as it was shocking (we were in coffee shop’s smoking room!!), but 2 seconds later we start to rush him with questions such as: ” Why? Are you sure? Can you do that? You wanna quick because you want or because someone ask you to? really, can you?”

We start to talk about it more deeply and then I said: “ok, you have now 7 days to smoke as much as you want.” With this sentence I assume that he doesn’t want to quick smoking, and I also assume that he needs some kind of extra powerful reason or promise to do something that he doesn’t want to do.

So my questions is: Do we need to put on ourselves some kind of deadline so we can handle some sort of addiction that we know that spontaneously we can’t give up?

Seems that human need this sort of psychological tricks to help us out to overcome some difficulty. From my point of view, human we don’t have a very strong willing to stop behaviours that provides you some sort of satisfactions either good or bad for health. We mostly follow primary/animal instincts for a quick satisfaction.

Therefore, what is the main problem with smoking? Can we really stop wherever we want? During this discussion we came up with several methods that we heard or somebody we know tried in order to quick smoking. Maybe it can help you out as well…

in smokers mind that’s a disaster. Hoping is not last one!

1. My husband is korean and as all Koreans they have to go to army. In the army training smoking is really prohibited. It would be dangerous to smoke at night since the enemy could see the fire and you could get shot. Therefore, there is a threat for live, so is a good way to stop at once smoking.

2. acupuncture. It’s said that if you do acupuncture there are positive evolution with 90% of success. How come? the acupuncture can make you disgut the cigarette. So wherever you feel smoking as habit and you try to smoke one, the cigarette tastes terrible so that your brain responds negatively towards the taste of it. Therefore, the habit decrease progressively.

3. Related to the terrible taste of cigarette and emotional response to it, you can try a shocking therapy, smoking 10 cigarettes at once, one by one, until you feel like actual vomiting. Your brain relates the disgusting taste of the cigarette and the vomiting to the smoking action so that you don’t smoke for a while.

4. One of my girl-friend stopped smoking just one day. She saw a video on internet about how the cigarettes are made from and the images impacted on her so much that she quit smoking. I heard that this video was very popular like 7 years ago, but I have never seen it.

We all know that smoking is not good for health, but still… We know smoking provokes skin deterioration, health sucks, performing sports or walking for long time is not happening as well. The feeling of smoking after a period of time determines the places we go, what activities we do, which people we meet, dislike the behaviour or non-smokers towards smokers, searching for smoking areas that in Korea rarely can be found now, the taste of food is not 100%, spending daily an amount of money to pay the addictions, increase smoking while having a coffee or going out at nigh, lack of focus, killing brain-cells, and there is an infinite list of reasons why to stop.

So then, why smokers can’t stop?? I have an only one answer that I hear quite often: ” I like it”.

Seoul does not have one of those anymore

Human need some sort of stuff to calm down anxieties or satisfy  any sort of short-term desires. We are weak.  So, do you think that new year’s resolution is a strong reason to quick smoking? How much people stop smoking the 1st of January?

Well, if you have this kind of resolution…

1. Please kindly share with the rest of the community why you want to quick?

2. If you successfully quick smoking, you could share with us how did you that? Many people can get inspired by that.

XOXO Laura

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