Seems unbelievable, but every time seems to be harder and harder to find a nice outstanding gift, don’t you think?

Tha’s why instead of 10 like everybody else, I came out with 5 + 1 which is a bonus idea!

In korea at least, you can prepare a coupon of a department store for some amount of money, but WHO wants that? who doesn’t want someone to spend some time looking and searching the best gift for him/her? and imprint in someone else’s heart a nice touch!!!

I am Spanish and I prefer to keep this “tradition” not matter what! time is not an excuse!!

99% of all these items can be found in Korea, so don’t give up… still nice gifts can be found! and I am here to help you out!

Let’s see!


pandora charm bracelet

The perfect gift for a women. My recommended brand is PANDORA from Denmark.  Also, it gives you the chance to personalize it with your taste and customize it according to yours beloved’s taste.

Pandora jewelry has more than 600 pieces in sterling silver, 14k gold and stones. And besides, it has themes such as glamour, fairy tale, symbols, etc., so you build the most unusual and fantastic bracalet (matching your budget or not…). You can build your own bracelets from 150.000 KWN to even 1.500.000 KWN… all up to you~


My recommended brand is MOR Modern Apothecary from Australia. Candles and Candle holders are gifts for romantic women who take cares of the elegance of her home. MOR created not only candles, but also, bath, body and lifestyle products. Personally I like MOR Little Luxuries Snow Gardenia collection,  its smell is luxury at the newest heights. They have also Emporium black collection, and candle wick trimmer among others. All are made with an excellent taste of elegance and luxury. You can always chose the box set, seems less empty gift.

Candle wick trimmer.
Candle wick trimmer.
snow gardernia candle hard base
Snow Gardenia candle hard base
In Gallerie By Spins photo in Osaka (Japan)

3. Toilet bag for Men

for travel men
for travel men

I did it!! to WHO? to my father!!!! I have to tell you, that was a TOTAL 100% success.

My father does not really travel, only from time to time, but this gift seems to be crucial… for a men.

The important thing was: THE INSIDE, as it better if it is customized by you. Buy a empy bag and fill it up with everything that he might need while traveling. In my case I put good brands for gel shave and moisture cream, travel toothpaste with toothbrush, travel mouthwash, wet tissue for men’ face, small scissors, small nail-cutter, sample of men’ perfume, deodorant, etc., and everything else that I could think of.

More functional and economical than this, it’s not possible. B blood type people will Looooooove it!

4. Leather wallets and writing complements

For men again. Men is our universe and we want to give them back at least 50% of what we receive from them. For that, let’s make a bigger pleasure, the fact of taking their valuable plastic from their wallet, don’t you think? From wallet or travel wallet to ball-pen or jewelry… what I think a business-people cares the most if their image when they pay (you need a nice wallet) and when you sign a contract (you don’t want to sign with a plastic pen an important contract, do you?). Take my advice… and see for example what Montblanc has to offer for you.

Montblanc Meisterstuck Collection Men’s 6cc Leather Wallet
montblanc etoile rollerball
Montblanc Etoile Collection


5. Winter Boots to keep your feet warm

In Korea, unfortunately we can see only a very small portion of the stock that this amazing brand is handling at the moment. Maybe the MD here really needs to think risk a bit more and offer let us taste the amazing variety of items that UGG has… so visit UGG‘s website, and extend your horizon!!!!

There is for men, kids, women, accessories, bags, classic boots, moccasins, slippers, sandals…. O.M.G!!!

Korea this winter is going to be really cold… we need to get ready!!!!

Also GUESS  and VALENTINO have some elegant and glamorous boots designs to offer… yeti style and studded boots the best choice this year.

Have a look!

Gift for Kids
UGG kid’s collection
Women boots
Guess boots
guess winter boots 2
Valentino Studded Snow Boots

5+1. Christmas Gift Basket like Spanish style

In Spain is a tradition that for Christmas that Employer give to the employees a Christmas gift such as the basket below with lots of different products: Iberian pork ham plus other pork cured products, polvorones (crumbled shortbread), bombones (chocolate), wine, cava, and a lot more.

So I was thinking, how can I surprise someone special this year! and he or she is delicatessen-lover the better…. I have been living abroad for many years now so of course I miss my food. When I was younger my lovely mother prepared to me a Christmas basket for me with all my favorite Spanish food that she could find.

So maybe you can prepare your customized Christmas gift basket with all the sweets and food that your beloved like and you will see a delightful smile from ear to ear once he/she sees how much delicious food and drink all together at once!!!!!**

Typical Spanish Christmas basket from Cestas Marti

Good luck to everybody!!! and Happy “get ready for” Christmas.

Laura XOXO

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