Blood types in Korea. Short funny description.

2 years ago I didn’t know my blood type. As a matter of fact I didn’t know anything about it.

Interestingly, Koreans relate blood types with people’ personality. However, westerners we rely more in horoscopes and so on. What sign are you? I am Aries, the first one (competitive, tenacious, ambicious, spontaneous, etc…) BUT blood type is a different thing, is more about interactions and behavious between individuals or groups.

Before, my Korean husband was always saying: “how possible you don’t know you blood type…”, or “you must be blood type O…”, or “I am sure you are blood type O…”. During our conversations most of the time… OK, OK! always… this topic normally comes up like the one: “Laura, are you hungry? what would you like to eat?”.

In 2010 the company that I was working for provided me the perfect chance to find it out: the annual health checking. Some days later I had the answer to all my husband’s question marks. I AM BLOOD TYPE O!!

The funny thing is, since then, my husband says: “how could I marry “O”? I am always surrounded with type O!…

So let’s see in short what are these 4 blood types about ^^

trying new food

Blood type A: Good listeners, perfectionist, patience and introverted. Sometimes they are a bit obsessive, stubborn and dubious.

From my O blood type point of view, I love A because they listen to me from the beginning to the end and, the best of it is, they remember all of it! loyal and not much talkative, makes him the best company and I don’t have to repeat myself ^^

Blood Type B: very creative, passionate, flexible and optimistic. They are like a chameleon, adapting to the environment and circumstances very quickly. Optimistic for other people’ problems but really pessimistic for their own ones, just like if it was going to be the end of the world or something!

However, if you need them to help you to solve a problem with an extravagant out of the box solution, they are what you need…

The problem of “B” is that they can be very irresponsible, self-centered and difficult people to read. My father and my husband are blood type B so, I think that I am highly trained to deal with them. It is said that women look for a men that looks like their father… guess what, from all the world I found a very similar one…. thanks to their personality, words are not needed because they understand each other (english, korean, catalan, spanish…. doesn’t matter!!! here, blood types is my best alliance).

Blood type AB: controlling individual, introverted, critical, unforgiving and rational. They have a check list for everything and follow their plan 100%. Since they are a mix between A and B types, seems like they have two-faces and its behaviours might look bit unpredictable. As a O type, when I am with AB people I have no idea what they are talking about. I have a question mark on the top of my head, always trying to guess what is the point of our conversation, except when AB is trying to lecture me about what is right and wrong.

Blood type O: it is said that blood type O we are ambitious (risk-taker), self-confident, strong-willed, goal-orientated, ambitious, insensitive, arrogant, bossy, ruthless.  In my case, that’s right. All of it! A bad thing is that vanity make us lose direction. We want success so badly that sometimes we lose focus.

Once I got to know my blood type I got introduce to a korean comic called BLOOD ABO (A Simple Thinking about Bloodtype) they are the cutest “characters” ever. The author of this comic explains about a wide variety of different situations/events and how each blood type responds to it. He posts a new one every saturday and I can’t wait to see the new one next week ^^

Note that, usually humans we don’t think about our reactions but we concern about other’s reactions towards us. Right?


Take a look to thi korean movie released in 2004 titled “My Boyfriend is type-B (B 납자친구) see cut below…   sucha a mix of hateful and charming and irresistible B man … don’t you think? (with english subtitle).

After all, like it or not, everyone has a blood type.  Aren’t you curious to know which one are you?

For example, as a I type O I aways don’t know where I put my stuff. The question of the day is: have you seen my….? (glasses, bag, purse, car key, ipad… anything is possible!).

xoxo Laura


merry xmas

Pictures taken from A Simple Thinking about Blood type website and movie information from and


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  1. Absolutely agree… I am B type and I have to admit that I am creative, passionate and flexible…
    However, I would like to remain as a unique B guy, not like other B kinds, Pessimistic for other people’ problems but really optimistic for my own ones…


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