Quitting smoking. New year’s resolution, really?

Now the end of the year is just right here, we are all busy thinking about the regrets of things that we haven't done yet. Either because of lack of time or short interest, we all want to do something new, improve somehow our lives, tackle some problem and so on. The keyword here is... Continue Reading →

In Korea, english is not cool anymore! the chinese language’s take over

When I was younger the second languages that we used to learn was not english but you could choose between French and German. Some years later it switched to english language. Where do french and german as a second language go? English became a official language and if you could be fluent you could get a... Continue Reading →


Seems unbelievable, but every time seems to be harder and harder to find a nice outstanding gift, don't you think? Tha's why instead of 10 like everybody else, I came out with 5 + 1 which is a bonus idea! In korea at least, you can prepare a coupon of a department store for some amount of money, but... Continue Reading →

Blood types in Korea. Short funny description.

2 years ago I didn't know my blood type. As a matter of fact I didn't know anything about it. Interestingly, Koreans relate blood types with people' personality. However, westerners we rely more in horoscopes and so on. What sign are you? I am Aries, the first one (competitive, tenacious, ambicious, spontaneous, etc...) BUT blood type is a different thing,... Continue Reading →

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