I would like to share with you MY 3 TOP korean movies. I watched them more than 10 times and never get tired. I have so many more favourites movies that you might not know, so let me introduce it slowly….

First I will tell you my best best favourite 3. I watch korean movies not only to improve my korean skills, which by the way they don’t help at all, but also because Korean movies are very “special” in their own way.

How I got them? Well, since finding korean movies in the Korean TV with subtitle is almost a “mission impossible”, I was like crazy trying to buy them on department Store, internet, wherever possible… But, one day I was lucky enough and I found this little shop near Naksongdae station in Seoul (far gone by now…)  closing down their business and I bought a bunch of them!

Let’s check it out my favourites ^^

1. A MOMENT TO REMEMBER / 내 머리속의 지우개 (2005)

This is a classic and the most touchable movie ever! Some time ago and even now  I can say that Woo Sung Jung (정우성) is the most “hot actor” and Ye-jin Son (손예진) “the most beautiful” actress in the whole country. Not to mention that they are very famous in whole Asia. I can tell you for sure that he is very handsome because I met him in person twice while having business dinner in Gangnam. I was shocked because he is extraordinarily handsome, really tall, managed to speak some english (100 points for him ^^) and his voice was stunning!!! He made me feel like I was shooting a movie scene or something….

A moment to remember portada

a moment to remember 2 a moment to remeber


SYNOPSIS: She is stupidly in love with a married man hoping that they are going to run away together andleave everything behind. When they decided to do so, he didn’t show up so she starts a long period of depression. But one day, she encounters this naughty-looking construction-men like and one coincidence leads to another until they rapidly fall in deep love. When everything seems to be perfect and happy, a misfortuned disease reverse their lives and a sequence of important decisions need to be made showing that love is the only tool that human have to overcome such misfortune in life. Full of love and hope, this movie show you the most tender side of korean mind. If you are a bit weak for tears, you will not stop crying!!! 2.

2. THE CHASER / 추격자 (2008)

This is the most stunning action Korean movie. Inspired on a real crime that occurred in Korea like more than 10 years ago, this movie is  123 minutes full of action. You will feel that you heart bit doesn’t stop and will keep you sit down on your sofa from the beginning to the end. Hong-Jin Na (the director) is one of my favourites and he definitely made an excellent serial killer movie full of suspense. In this thriller the actors are very famous: Yun-Seok Kim and Jung-Woo Ha (also main actors in the movie yellow sea) performed a brilliant acting together. I don’t miss any of it when they are together.

the chaser

the chaser poster





SYNOPSIS: In this thriller a dirty ex-detective, Joong-Ho, turns into financial trouble because of some of his “girls” has disappeared without clearing their debts. He thinks that they left him but soon he finds out that something else is going on. Soon, he find out the owner of the telephone number with the last 4 digits “4885”, then the real action start chasing him non-stop as other lives depend on it.

3.  SUNFLOWER / 해바라기 (2006)

This is the most tender movie about gangsters that I have even seen. This movie is touchable and show in great measure the dynamic of the gangsters community, which is something that foreigners we really are curious about.

Another amazing director: Seok-Beom Kang

Actors: Jeong-Su Han, In-Jae Heo, In-Seong Hwang and Eun-Pyo Jeon


taesik's tatoo



SYNOPSIS: Taesik is just released from prison and he comes back to his hometown after 10 years. He goes to leave with an adopted mother and, tries to cut with his past by getting a job. While trying to live a quite life he is going to encounter many happenings and threats. A politician want to build a mall in the land where the mother restaurant is so eventhough he bought all the surroundings, he can’t buy the restaurant’s land in a nice way. Finally the situation forces Taesik to involve and use his old reputation as a gangster.

Don’t forget to pay attention to Taesik’s body. You will see a piece of art with his Tatoo.

This movie is very touchable and I really like it because  I loooooove crying with movies and the director also expressed tenderness, family love and a tonnes of forgiveness. HIT! mother is not adopted mother, their relationships is beyond this point…. but better watch the movie!

On my next post I would like to tell you other 3 movies that are a “MUST WATCH”… for me is also ” MUST HAVE”… 🙂

Do you have any favourite? If so, please share with me…

I might be tempted to find another DVD rental to find it…

XOXO Laura

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