SEOLLAL. The most Important Korean Holiday

Korea does not have many holidays, but one of the most important holidays is Seollal, the  Korean New Year. This year the Seollal is from 15th of February to 17th of February 2018. During Seollal, Koreans pay respect to their ancestors, but it is also a way to a get together with the whole family.... Continue Reading →

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My life. My young me 1

Many people and friends know pieces of my life and most of the times they feel amused by my experiences and adventures, so I decided to share with you some parts of it so we can grasp the sense that living abroad is a lot of fun but also hard. Maybe, your prince or princess... Continue Reading →

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Arirang TV Show B-Cruze, Interview Ep.7. Laura Valls from MLK Partners Korea Consulting Firm. Very exciting!

안녕하세요~ I hope you all are waiting for the weekend, just like I do! However, episode 7 of B-Cruze from Arirang Chanel with my interview just came out and I wanted to share with you all. It was so natural and exciting that I want to do it again. I wish I had more time to... Continue Reading →

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Lesson 5: GREETINGS/ Nice to meet you / 만나서 반갑습니다

How to say in Korean NICE TO MEET YOU I use "안녕하세요- annyeong-haseyo" in almost any situation all the time. Used to say good morning, used to say good afternoon and used to said good evening. So as you can see, it is used all the time  between people who know each other, as well... Continue Reading →

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LESSON 4: KOREAN GRAMMA: I don’t want to…/ I don’t wanna… ~하고 싶지 않아

How would you say in  Korean:  I DON'T WANNA or I DON'T WANT TO... This grammatical expression is used when you want to express that you don't want to do something, you don't like something or you hate to do something. Also used to express when you hate things. It is very simple gramma ending structure, so... Continue Reading →

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Korean slow Food: Sundae Gukbap

안녕하세요! We all know that Korean Food is VERY VERY healthy (in capital letters), but most of the times: We don't know how to look at it, as Korean food is very different to our food back to our home country We don't know what is the best place to eat it, so we want to go somewhere where we can get... Continue Reading →

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Korean Ginseng: I want my strength back!

Sometimes we feel so tired, lack of power or strength, and we know that intake of vitamins or other food supplements are necessary to improve our body conditions, but in Korea everything is in Korean... and difficult to know what it is or for what is it... and the most important: is it safe? can we take it?... Continue Reading →

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Korean Parenting Style: The Korean goose father 기러기 아빠

Sometimes I feel so amazed and most of the times puzzled for the things I hear and see in KOREA. When I was working in the Korean Company I had the interesting experience of meeting a "Kirogi appa",which in Korean is written like (기러기 아빠) and in English means goose father, and I always wanted to share my thoughts about it.  So... Continue Reading →

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Learning Korean… dream or nightmare

I have been in Korea since year 2008. When I came to Korea I didn't know a word of it, I had only a wonderful book for foreigners that my "boyfriend" sent me with the hope that maybe.... only maybe, if I effort a bit, I could acquired some kind of conversational proficiency.... hahaha. The book... Continue Reading →

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Hello everybody, Maybe you are like me... always wondering when it National Holiday or Bank Holidays in Korea so you can plan visit of your friends, parents, take a plain to Jeju or outside of Korea. Anything!! So here I wrote down a list of NATIONAL HOLIDAY for 2018. January 1 - Monday: New Year's... Continue Reading →

LESSON 3: KOREAN GRAMMA: I want to… ~고 싶다

How to say in Korean:  I WANNA or I WANT TO... This grammatical expression is interchangeable with I would like to (I'd like to...) and I would love to (I'd love to...), but mostly used when you really want to do something. Look at the following examples: I wanna try something new --> 뭔가 새로운 걸... Continue Reading →

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